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TFCM Complex fine sheet metal work

A sense of adequacy

Since the 1970s, TFCM SAS has been working with manufacturers in the railway, aerospace, urban bus and industrial sectors, within the framework of co-development and industrialisation of all types of parts and sub-assemblies in complex sheet metal work: Synchronised processes adapted to (...) Discover
Activity sectors

Demanding solutions

Supply Chain

Continuous Improvement

Permanent process profiling

In this context, continuous improvement implies the synchronisation of all processes and all actors of TFCM SAS, internal and external co-developers, methods, sourcing/project/supply, production, quality, and logistics. It is mostly built upon three pillars : - design (...) Discover
Continuous Improvement
Industrial synergies

Industrial synergies: Increase our process agility

TFCM SAS has been able to drive through a dynamic combination of industrial means, complementary know-how and company formats, in order to meet the requirements of its supply chain for global competitiveness and reliability.

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