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Labour and employee relations

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Favouring adaptations with regard to prospective issues

Within TFCM SAS, the relations between the different actors are notably conditioned by the management of the necessary adaptations of the organization, to the new technical-economic stakes.

Labour and employee relations condition important aspects of the life of all employees and collaborators, but also naturally, the operational capacities of the company in four sectors:

  • competitiveness, quality and respect for deadlines, 
  • adapting to, and/or improving for, new jobs through training,
  • safeguarding and developing employment,
  • local economic fabric densification.

TFCM SAS favours three main orientations :

  •  the strict respect for staff representative bodies and protocols defined by the current legislation,
  •  the culture of respect and dialogue between the various stakeholders,
  •  our in-house communication, based upon transparency, expressed challenges, educational methods and clear choices.

2020 professional equality index between women and men: 85/100

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